I teach it, I love it, I play it

A glimpse at the life of a music teacher in Rowan County, KY

I teach it, I love it, I play it

For Nick Diedrichsen, music means everything. How his love of music influences his profession, family and personal life, in photos.


Nick Diedrichsen, a music teacher at Rowan County Middle School, directs his 6th grade band class on the Friday before Halloween.

Nick, his wife Hannah and their son Sam, 2, play in the backyard of their home in Morehead, KY. Nick and his wife met at Morehead State University, where he studied Music Education and she studied Vocals and Theater.

Nick rubs his son Louis' head while he plays with toy cars in their living room. The 4-year-old and his younger brother share Nick's love for music, often singing and humming around the house. Nick encourages them by bringing home instruments from school for them to play with.

Sam plays with a toy car in the refridgerator.

Sam crawls on all fours to mimic the family dog.

Louis, left, and Sam use a plank of wood in the yard as a make-shift seesaw.


“I never remember a time in my life when music wasn’t one of the most important things.”

-Nick Diedrichsen


Robyn Adam leads the Rowan County High School band in practice the Friday before their semi-finals competition.

Percussionists in the Rowan County High School band practice during rehearsal.

Nick Diedrichsen, the band director at Rowan County High School, smiles during the bands rehearsal being the semi-finals competition the next day.


“I teach it, I play it, I love it.”