Starting over together

Starting Over Together


After long careers in the trucking industry, Robert Jiron and his wives Melissa, Elaina and Becca came off the road together in June of 2017 to start a new life in Salt Lake City, UT.


Becca Kennedy, center, sits on the couch with her sister-wife Melissa in the living room with their husband Robert's children, Sebastian and Amaya. They just moved to Salt Lake City, and this will be the first time all three wives, Robert and his children live together. 


Becca wraps her arms around Robert in the kitchen, while Melissa shows them both a photo on Facebook. Melissa, Robert's first wife, drove trucks in the oil field. Elaina and Becca, second and third wives, were both over-the-road truckers like Robert. Elaina joined the family three months before Becca, who celebrated her one-month anniversary with Robert a few days prior to this shot.


"I'm learning to be a better person. Giving unselfishly. Even if this marriage doesn't work, I'll come out a better person."

- Becca Kennedy


Elaina and Amaya play-slap each other in the living room, while Robert laughs at them. Elaina has three children from another marriage, but they live with her ex-husband and don't speak to her often. 


Robert pets Elaina's truck dog Bently on the couch, while Becca pets hers, Chloe, in the chair. Robert was the last of the family to come off the road, but the most passionate about it. "I don't want to get back in that truck," he said. "I want to do something different." 

Becca and Elaina have both sung different tunes, missing the independence of driving, but still happy to be part of a family.


Amaya leans over the railing, watching her brothers carry in furniature from Becca's car.


Becca's engagement ring from Robert is seen as she hugs Elaina.


Becca and Elaina share McDonald's fries that Becca brought for Elaina to eat during her lunch break. Elaina is now working as a warehouse manager, overseeing deliveries and pick-ups for truck drivers. She longs to go back out on the road, but won't because of Robert.


The family sits down for their first dinner together in their new home in Salt Lake City.

In August 2017, Becca left the family to go back out on the road. Robert, Elaina and Melissa are still together living in Salt Lake City.